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Meet Our Team

Nevin Xu.jpg


Debating and public speaking have been my favorite hobbies since I was a teenage boy. I also love reading, visiting museums and galleries while traveling. As a Chinese businessman who resides in Canada, I actively participate in many local public welfare activities to foster the fusion of Asian society and Western countries.

Angel Lin.jpg

Chief Executive Officer

People always view me as curious, enthusiastic and kind-hearted.  I always feel cheerful and grateful which allow me  to discover the fun, beauty and meaning of work and life. Reading, singing and skiing are my passions. I actively participate in public welfare and charity activities.


Chief Business Development Officer

My Chinese name has two horses in its characters. This is why I cannot stay stagnated. I have a wide range of hobbies like befriending people from all over the world. I am humorous, energetic and fearless.


Chief Investment Officer

I enjoy reading and contemplating over a wide range of subject matters; questioning conventional wisdom and having thoughtful and engaging talks with people of all backgrounds. I am also a western classical music buff and love playing chamber music with friends.

Team: Team
Zhenyu Wu.jpg

Dr. Zhenyu Wu

Canada Research Chair

Chief Financial Officer

As a scholar and researcher, I always believe that scientific research cannot depart from reality. Research topics and directions should be market driven and research results serve market participants.

Zhaoyi Fang.jpg

Chief Operating Officer

Family is the most important and valuable part of my life. My management and investment philosophy incorporate my values: pursuit of happiness and curiosity, pragmatism and social responsibility.

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