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About Wistom Capital

Wistom Capital is an investment company that headquartered in Vancouver. We always believe Vancouver has tremendous potential to become a critical financial center of the Pacific Rim. We are a team of seasoned multi-disciplinary professionals with extensive local/ international network and experience. Our mission is to create value by synergistically connecting capital, resources and business opportunities of North America and Asia Pacific.


Our Business

Business Investments

Exempt Market Dealer

Investment Funds


We have a wide ranging pipeline of quality deal flows and apply our stringent screening process to shortlist those that fit our investment requirements. 

For Investors

Participate in high quality investment opportunities that pass our stringent Due Diligence process. We co-invest and actively manage the investments to ensure success. We also work as an advisor for clients who are looking to acquire businesses.


For Businesses or Projects

Receive advisory and capital from us which drive your growth.

Our subsidiary helps raise equity and debt capital for Exempt Market Investments (https://www.enochwm.ca/)

Our subsidiary offers secondary market funds with alternative strategies having highly attractive risk/ reward characteristics.  We are constantly searching for and deploying capital to exceptional  traders & fund managers.


Past Events

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Wistom Capital Forum

September 17, 2018


Seminar At Trump Hotel

February 08, 2019

Wine Tasting Event

February 10, 2019

Wine Tasting Events

Team Building

2019 - 2020


Our Offices

Brown Leaf

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Vancouver Office:

350-1200 W73rd Ave, Vancouver BC V6P 6G5

Toronto Office: Coming soon





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